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Airship is an end-to-end, ready-to-use software, that offers all the needed tech components to run your courier business

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With Airship, run your courier from start to finish

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Start getting revenues from Day 1 with a branded booking site

As soon as you get started with Airship, your customers can already start booking pickups and deliveries via your own booking website!

"That's what our customers are looking for. Do you have an app? Do you have a booking site? So it [Airship] was really a need."
- Aunnie, Pasabuyko
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Keep track of your packages every step of the way

From the moment your sender books, a package is born. Everyone — from rider, to sorter, to dispatcher, to owner, can manage the package based on their roles.

"Before Airship, everything was manual. I do it by call. I send details to riders through Facebook Messenger or through text messages. It was really hard because I had to gather the necessary details all by myself. Now, I get less calls from clients regarding updates about their packages because they can easily know that status in just one click."
- Aunnie, Pasabuyko
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Oversee cash handled by riders and your finance team

Airship helps you track how much your senders owe you, how much is with the rider, and how much CODs to remit.

"We used to spend 3 hours just to tally our riders' collections. We would check it one by one. Now we just need to validate it in the system. Everyone's happy because we can go home earlier and there are fewer instances we're short."
- Merly, Mile Express
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Work together with third-party couriers (3PL)

Forward packages to partners for faster and more efficient deliveries. Airship makes it easier for you and your senders to continue tracking packages with your 3PL partners' websites.

"We really have a lot of packages per day that is why it's essential for our partners to help deliver the goods on time. This feature helps us track which packages get forwarded and at the same time track the status of our packages."
- Kurt, Zip Courier

Get access to all platforms with just a single plan

Test Airship with your team with our 14-day free trial!

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