COVID19 Processes

Contactless Deliveries during COVID-19

As the continuous evolving situation relates to Coronavirus (COVID-19), all Runners are required to make contactless deliveries from 18 Mar 2020 and onwards until this situation is fully under control.

How do contactless deliveries work:

  • At pick up locations, Senders are asked to leave the items at a location and back away for at least 2 meters when Runners arrive and do the pick-ups.
  • At drop-off locations, items are to be left on the floor first. Runners will still need to knock on the door or ring the bell. Back away from the entrance for at least two meters and wait for the recipients to come out. No signatures will be collected. Runners need to take photos as POD where necessary.

The purpose of this is to do as much as we can to mitigate the risks of the virus to further spread.

We thank you for your understanding and corporations.

Source: Go People