COVID19 Processes

How Couriers can Operate during the COVID-19 Crisis

As of April 7, all applications for the IATF-ID will be submitted via

What is RapidPass.PH?

  • It’s a website where you can register online and apply for their digital pass, which will have the QR code that checkpoint personnel will scan for easier identification.

Who can apply for a RapidPass?

  • Individuals, companies and vehicles needed for essential activities (e.g. first responders, front-liners, food suppliers, and assigned skeletal workforce in companies).

What are the criteria to get approved?

  • What will be needed for those that will apply are personal info, company info, ID info, origin and destination.

What’s causing the delays?

  • Ideally, it should take 1 day, but since it’s the government agencies that conduct the verification part there’s probably a lot of delays right now since they’re just getting adjusted to the system.

The Old Way

Just putting this here for archiving purposes

In compliance with the DTI memorandum 20-06, all enterprises that wish to be exempted from the travel ban are required to submit their applications to DTI.

Airship has partnered with DTI to provide our partner couriers access to apply for an official IATF ID which shall be presented at checkpoints.

Step 1: Fill out the DTI Accreditation Form

Make sure to fill out the two tabs in this excel file.

Step 2: Send the form

Send the filled-out Form at together with a signed letter ensuring that only orders of essential products will be transported. Please refer to DTI Memorandum 20-08 on what qualifies as essential goods. Essential Goods may include:

  • Personal Care Items
  • Health and Medical Supplies
  • Baby Care and Nutrition Products
  • Groceries
  • Emergency Kit Essentials
  • Cleaning Supplies

Important: Do not hand over parcels with non-essential products. Companies found in violation will be heavily penalized.

Step 3: Wait for DTI Approval

Wait for DTI Approval and Issuance of IATF ID.