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Start getting bookings from Day 1

As soon as you get started with Airship, your customers can already start booking pickups and deliveries in seconds.

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With Airship, your senders can now:

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Create packages on their own, in multiple ways

Airship includes a ready-to-use, branded booking site where your senders can create their accounts and start shiping.

  • Book whenever, wherever: Senders are usually on the go, senders can now book through their phone or desktop, 24/7!
  • Upload hundreds of packages at a time: If your senders are big time, they would find it surprisingly easy to create package in bulk.
  • Book from a mobile app: We took mobile responsive even further by providing an Airship mobile app for your senders, coming soon!
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Track all cash activities from their dashboard

One of the reasons senders change couriers is losing their clients' money. Airship keeps track of all cash activities with the courier so senders know how much the courier owes them.

  • View Cash on Delivery's status: CODs are precious to the senders in a way that it's the lifeblood of their business. You can now keep senders updated with the status of their CODs.
  • View all transactions in a single page: Senders can also view a summary of the fees charged to them and CODs collected - with a sum of who owes who.
  • Preview shipping fees: Senders don't need to call you to ask how much, they can just login and check the fees for themselves.
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Integrate their ecommerce sites straight to you

Senders with consistent bookings usually have an ecommerce business, they also have a high turnover rate. Retain your best clients with our integrations.

  • API Integrations and Webhooks: These are the raw materials when building a house. As long as your senders have developers to tap into, they'll be able to integrate ANY system to yours.
  • Ecommerce plugins - just plug and play: Some ecommerce sellers use common frameworks like Shopify or Magento to build their shops. With plugins, ecommerce sellers don't need to hire a developer to integrate - just plug and play!

Your senders don't need to call you for every single, tiny, thing ~ All you need is Airship

  • Branded Site

    Branded Site

  • Create Packages

    Create Packages

  • Bulk Create

    Bulk Create

  • Filter by Status

    Filter by Status

  • View all Packages

    View all Packages

  • Print Waybills

    Print Waybills

  • Compute Rates

    Compute Rates

  • Special Fees

    Special Fees

  • View Transactions

    View Transactions

  • COD Remittances

    COD Remittances

  • Booking APIs

    Booking APIs

  • Ecommerce Plugins

    Ecommerce Plugins

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