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Track fees and cash on deliveries to remit to senders

View all fees and cash on deliveries collected from riders, and see how much you owe your senders or vice versa.

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Easily track fees charged from senders or receivers

Airship helps you track shipping fees, COD fees and insurance fees charged by your courier.

  • Flexible payment methods: Senders can either choose to collect the fees from them, from their buyers or charged to their bill.
  • Filter transactions by type: View all transactions and filter the transactions by fees, by remittances or by adjustments.
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Record cash on delivery to collect and to remit

Running a courier requires you to track a plethora of small transactions. Airship helps you keep track of all of them.

  • Receive actual cash collected from riders: Tally how much each rider should remit, and how much they actually remitted.
  • View total balance owed to senders: Cash collected from CODs shouldn't be added back to your working capital, know how much money you still owe your senders.
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Send billing statements to your special clients

Take better care of your special clients by allowing them to get billed by the end of the billing cycle.

  • Grant payment terms to your VIPs: Special clients can choose to charge the fees to their billing as a 3rd payment option.
  • Export list of packages per sender: Save hours of tallying packages successfully delivered by senders. Simply export a list of packages complete with the total fees per package, given a date range.

What's worse than losing your cash is losing someone else's

  • Less discrepancies from riders
  • Track which riders are always short
  • Increase capacity of your finance team
  • Reduce company theft
  • Provide exceptional customer service
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