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Turn your small business into a large business

Whether you want to operate as different delivery models or to set up branches nationwide, Airship has got your back.

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Set your serviceable areas and package types

Airship allows you to set which areas you can deliver to, and set types of services per area.

  • Set serviceable areas: Set your serviceable area to a specific city or the whole country.
  • Set package types to offer per area: Offer small or large, packages or documents - it's up to you!
  • Don't accept bookings from outside your areas: Airship verifies bookings whether they're inside or outside your serviceable areas.
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Run your courier as a hub or point-to-point, or both

Choose to run your courier similar to DHL or Grab Express; or impress your senders and offer both at the same time.

  • Charge by weight or by distance: Don't technology be your limitation in charging how you want.
  • Auto-calculate chargeable weight: Airship automatically calculates if volumetric weight or actual weight is higher.
  • Set your own delivery workflow: Hubs are operated differently from point-to-point such that point-to-point has less contact and less checks. Airship allows you to turn these checks on or off.
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Set flexible pricing for different types of clients

Find the right pricing model for your business.

  • Set tiered or flat shipping fees: With Airship's flexible pricing options, find the pricing model that works the best for your courier.
  • Set different COD fees per area: Doing COD in different zones pose varying risks. Airship allows you to charge differently per area.
  • Offer special rates to your VIPs: Take better care of your VIPs by giving them discounted shipping fees when they book through their own dashboard.

Ask what, not how - don't let the lack of technology limit you

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    Solo Entrepreneur

    A handful of Airship's couriers are run by solo founders and take the role of the dispatcher, sorter, customer service, finance - all by themselves!

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    Small Business

    Majority of couriers start as a single-hub, and work with third-party logistics to cover a wider area. No matter how small or big you are, Airship's here to support you.

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    Expanding your single-hub into multiple hubs across the country is a common dream for courier founders. With Airship, you can easily compete with the big players.

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